ExplodeSEO’s Guide to Link Building Without the Cost

For beginners and professionals alike, it can be agreed that ultimately, the goal of link building is to increase the search engine rankings of a web page or website, making it one of the biggest pillars of online marketing.

Being that it is another form of marketing, some would argue that a good amount of money is necessary to start. However, money is not always the case. To begin effective link building, one must first have patience, creativity, and the right network.

From ExplodeSEO’s Founder & CEO, here are some penniless ideas to start your journey:

1. Always stay fresh and relevant

contentAs Bill Gates once wrote back in 1996, “Content is King,” and it is still very true until today. With the amount of information that passes through everyone every single day and at any given point in time, yours has to be one of the most compelling there is.

First and foremost, the material you own has to be relevant to your target audience. If your website talks about cars and the best engines around the world, you cannot have content about indoor gardening or the newest gadgets, or else, you might lose some of your patrons. Your content has to be consistent with the theme and with time.

Second, be creative and go for catchy content. You may want to consider including appropriate and interesting pictures or videos that may help your readers understand what you are talking about.

Third, have material that your readers won’t likely see anywhere else so that they will use your website as reference and will want to link it to their friends.

Building the right content takes a lot of time and more often than not, your first material will not get the number of site visits you want. However, it’s a trial and error process and you will only learn when you cross the bridge.

Sample content for an auto industry blog:

a. 10 Best City-to-Off-Road Vehicles this 2016
b. Five Cars Fit for Your Teenager’s First Drive
c. Safety First: 2016 Car Models that Experience Sudden Unintended Acceleration

2. Be the right kind of millennial

Take advantage of all your social media channels and share your website. Post a status or tweet a short description of your newest entry with the correct link. Plus points if you have already familiarized yourself with the time of the day that has the highest social media traffic. Better yet, tag your friends who you know would be interested.

Sample posts for an auto industry blog:

a. Regular post:
Can’t wait for the summer? Here are the 10 best city-to-off-road vehicles for the year I tried myself: http://worldautobuff.com/new-releases/ten-best-city-to-off-road-vehicles

b. Post with a friend tag:
@dantheman I know you can’t wait for the summer trip with the gang! We better have one of these cars, man: http://worldautobuff.com/new-releases/ten-best-city-to-off-road-vehicles

3. Embrace your human resources

Aside from sharing your website on your social media channels, personally e-mail the link to your website or talk to your family and friends about it. Make use of social gatherings and get-together to ask relatives, former colleagues, or even the people you meet for the first time to talk about your website and link it to their friends. This way, you are building your network, gaining new readers, or even finding suitable business partners or contributing writers.

Sample e-mail to a former colleague:

Dear Francis,

How are you? Remember that blog I told you I wanted to start a couple of months ago? Well, I’m finally doing it! I know you’re really into cars as well so I’d really appreciate to get your inputs and maybe talk about it over coffee soon. Really excited about it, man!

In the mean time, here’s the link to my blog and I hope you like it: http://worldautobuff.com/

Tell me what you think about it. Speak soon.


4. Get involved

good contentWhen you are already getting the hang of creating good content, share your website to credible directories and more established bloggers and influencers, forums, and even online media outlets. Take a chance and you never know, they might mention your website and provide the link for their respective following.

You are not just creating awareness for your website but you are also attracting more readers and people with the same interest.

Sample message to a more established auto industry blogger:

Dear Ken,

Hi! My name is James and I have been following your blog since it launched last 2010. I have shared similar thoughts on the cars you’ve featured in your website. Over the years, you have inspired me to start my own blog and it was not until a couple of months ago that I finally pursued it. I am quite the fan of yours and I just wanted to share with you my latest review.

Here’s the link to my blog and I hope to hear back from you: http://worldautobuff.com/


With these in mind, you’re off to a good start. With link building, it does not always have to be money first. What must come first are patience, creativity, and the right network.


SEO Explode’s Tools for 2016 – Ensuring Topnotch Search Engine Optimization Services

Competition is tough—especially when it comes to search engine optimization. However, there are so many sites out there that have nailed what should be done—and SEO Explode is one of those.

One of the things that SEO Explode Inc does not forget is the fact that there are certain tools that need to be used if you want to improve traffic and revenue for a site.

This 2016, the site makes sure that it makes use of the following:


Known as a social media tool, BuzzSumo works in such a way that makes content as well as marketing linked to each other, and big names in the search engine optimization services industry such as Seoexplode Inc know how important it is for these things to come together.

SEO serviceYou could use the tool to search for blog, social, or visual content. You could then search for those keywords from a database of keywords in order for you to know how to create click baiting, attention-worthy titles that could drive a lot of traffic to your site, and make people curious about it—which is definitely important these days.


Next up is SEMRush, which is known to be powerful for link building campaigns, and is used by some of the most affordable SEO services. This tool helps you check the amount and the kind of keywords that a certain website is being shown on Google, or are having the highest search ranks.

It also shows which keywords and sites have been penalized or treated by Google as spam. You will know this when you get results that show that there’s a high volume of inbound links but without keywords—which means that these are not reliable keywords. It would also help you see if there are massive drops in the search rank of the keywords, and how to avoid these things from happening.

The thing about www.seoexplode.com is that it really sees how it is doing in the industry with the most comprehensive lists simply by combining keywords with industry sites.


One thing about a good search engine optimization company is the fact that you don’t just have to keep track of those on your side—but also those who are known as your competitors in the business. This goes not only for your site, but also other sites that you’re infiltrating with SEO. This way, you’d get to check for both PPC and organic searches.

SpyFu works in such a way that it gives you updates about the keywords that are being paid for on CPC, PPC, and other costs. You’ll even see ad histories of various sites, just to see what they’ve done over the years, and how much of it has worked for their benefit. This way, you could also think of how to create your ads, and how to make them work, plus you could also make use of the contact tool that would help you reach out to network or social media influencers to help you rake in a lot of traffic and revenue, too!

Authority Labs

Authority Labs helps the company check graphical representations of sites like seoexplode.com, as well as see historical rankings, and how a keyword is being used and represented over the passage of time. This way, you’d know exactly how prolific a keyword is.

seoFor this, you have to check for isolated KPIs. If you find some, you can take it as a sign that the ones who optimized those sites are still inexperienced. Remember that data should be based on both data center and personalization and could be used to see how a keyword behaves for as long as it is online. It’s also able to compare sites because you’d see multiple sites at a time onscreen.


Meanwhile, Majestic is something that can help you in terms of checking metrics for citation and trust flow, as well as helping you analyze the topical data of a site and checking how semantics are doing.

This one will help you see external backlinks, referring IPs, referring domains, or referring subnets. Aside from that, it also helps you do the following:

•Check for both referring domains and backlinks, together with topical trust flow, citation flow, and cash flow, as well;

•Download backlink list that works on all link audits, and;

•Identify links that are new, as well as those that have been considered lost!


Now, when it comes to auditing links, it is best to have Ahrefs with you as it is known to be pretty powerful when it comes to learning about the following:

•The number of referring domains that come from unique IPs;

•The number of referring domains that link to your site;

•The link’s growth, and how natural it is, and;

•The number of links that come from .edu or .gov sites.


And finally, when it comes to knowing audits from Panda, you can rely on DeepCrawl. DeepCrawl allows you to diagnose both on-page and technical issues, and helps you learn why certain keywords don’t work. Sometimes, it has something to do with pages that take too long to load, Meta pages, or even duplicate pages. You could also check whether or not certain sites are a bit similar to the one you’re optimizing so you could make necessary changes!

With the help of these tools, SEO Explode is able to give the best search engine optimization services around!


5 Things SEO Does That Other Marketing Doesn’t Allow For

There are a lot of ways that you can get attention for your site online today. Some of the options are simple, some of them are complex, and many of them are not really going to help you in the long term. There’s a cycle of influence that is involved with all measures of marketing, and you will find that most of it has a half-life that is somewhat limited. From the advertising world of banner ads, text links, and even SEO, you’re going to find that most things don’t last that lone online. That’s not to say that you can’t make any gains, it’s just that you’re going to have a hard time getting a long term push with most. It’s right in that arena that you start to see why SEO matters a great deal, as it does 5 major things that other elements do not.


Long Term Communication

The number one thing that you need to know is that search engine optimization is made to be implement on a long term basis. This is not something that you can start today and see results tomorrow, it just doesn’t work in that manner. Longer term commitments is how this works, and if you want to see it last through a variety of different channels, you’re going to have to accept that. Optimization done right allows you to gain serious leverage and communication over time. It builds, and builds, and eventually gets you to a point where competition becomes a bit easier, since you’ll have a lion’s share of the traffic.

Establishes Authority

One of the major things that optimization does is simple, it helps establish your authority within any niche of your choice. As you establish authority, you will gain trust with the end user. Remember, the internet landscape has a lot of scam artists, spammers, and people that aren’t building good websites. They are publishing garbage and trying to get that “quick” traffic to their pages. If you want to join them, don’t work with search engine optimization. However, if you want authority, targeted traffic, and influence, you’re going to have to focus on establishing a good connection point moving forward. That means that you will need to have authority, and optimization gives you that, over time.

build trafic

Creates Link Profiles

Link exchanges are tough to manage, but when you focus on the slow burn methodology of optimization today, you are going to find that link profiles start to manifest fast. They are created through a variety of different elements, and most importantly, they help with ranking your site. Links allow you to have virtual recommendations. Imagine applying to college and having a list of references from a variety of people that are in the industry that you want to pursue, and you will start to see how links can help you out in the digital landscape.

Increases Natural Traffic

Natural traffic comes from search engines, and is mostly authentic and unique. You may get a few stragglers here and there, but most often, you’re going to see a huge increase in your unique hits, and that will last for a great deal of time. Increasing natural traffic helps you build on a lot of levels, and can help you get sails, and conform to standards of internet protocol. If you want to build a business site, and you don’t want to isolate yourself to just one type of formatting, you will want to have organic, natural, and targeted traffic come to your page. That’s the secret to this, and something that is going to help you sustain market share over time, guaranteed.

Helps Your Rankings Online


The rank of your page hinges on optimization in a unique fashion. It’s something that SEO experts consider all the time. They focus on building your site’s reputation to the point where it is at the top of search engines for keywords that you’re looking to contain. If you want to be the first site that shows up under a lot of search results, then you will want to look into building the right campaigns, and perhaps hiring the right people to help you get to that location. Search engine optimization helps your rankings in that they position the keywords, content, links, and much more in such a manner that it answers the questions of people searching for items online. When search engines put trust in your content, and pages, they link you to the queries that others are searching for, giving you leverage over the competition. Getting to that number one spot in highly competitive keyword phrases is tough, but not impossible.

At the end of the day, you are either going to get noticed online, or you’re going to get ignored. Setting up a website that gets appreciated online is tough, but it’s not an insurmountable task. Once you publish your site, look to hire a good company that will help you establish a firm hold on optimization cycles. The best way to market your site, and sustain rankings, build traffic, increase sales, and do much more over time is to look into SEO as a whole.