SEO Explode’s Tools for 2016 – Ensuring Topnotch Search Engine Optimization Services

Competition is tough—especially when it comes to search engine optimization. However, there are so many sites out there that have nailed what should be done—and SEO Explode is one of those.

One of the things that SEO Explode Inc does not forget is the fact that there are certain tools that need to be used if you want to improve traffic and revenue for a site.

This 2016, the site makes sure that it makes use of the following:


Known as a social media tool, BuzzSumo works in such a way that makes content as well as marketing linked to each other, and big names in the search engine optimization services industry such as Seoexplode Inc know how important it is for these things to come together.

SEO serviceYou could use the tool to search for blog, social, or visual content. You could then search for those keywords from a database of keywords in order for you to know how to create click baiting, attention-worthy titles that could drive a lot of traffic to your site, and make people curious about it—which is definitely important these days.


Next up is SEMRush, which is known to be powerful for link building campaigns, and is used by some of the most affordable SEO services. This tool helps you check the amount and the kind of keywords that a certain website is being shown on Google, or are having the highest search ranks.

It also shows which keywords and sites have been penalized or treated by Google as spam. You will know this when you get results that show that there’s a high volume of inbound links but without keywords—which means that these are not reliable keywords. It would also help you see if there are massive drops in the search rank of the keywords, and how to avoid these things from happening.

The thing about is that it really sees how it is doing in the industry with the most comprehensive lists simply by combining keywords with industry sites.


One thing about a good search engine optimization company is the fact that you don’t just have to keep track of those on your side—but also those who are known as your competitors in the business. This goes not only for your site, but also other sites that you’re infiltrating with SEO. This way, you’d get to check for both PPC and organic searches.

SpyFu works in such a way that it gives you updates about the keywords that are being paid for on CPC, PPC, and other costs. You’ll even see ad histories of various sites, just to see what they’ve done over the years, and how much of it has worked for their benefit. This way, you could also think of how to create your ads, and how to make them work, plus you could also make use of the contact tool that would help you reach out to network or social media influencers to help you rake in a lot of traffic and revenue, too!

Authority Labs

Authority Labs helps the company check graphical representations of sites like, as well as see historical rankings, and how a keyword is being used and represented over the passage of time. This way, you’d know exactly how prolific a keyword is.

seoFor this, you have to check for isolated KPIs. If you find some, you can take it as a sign that the ones who optimized those sites are still inexperienced. Remember that data should be based on both data center and personalization and could be used to see how a keyword behaves for as long as it is online. It’s also able to compare sites because you’d see multiple sites at a time onscreen.


Meanwhile, Majestic is something that can help you in terms of checking metrics for citation and trust flow, as well as helping you analyze the topical data of a site and checking how semantics are doing.

This one will help you see external backlinks, referring IPs, referring domains, or referring subnets. Aside from that, it also helps you do the following:

•Check for both referring domains and backlinks, together with topical trust flow, citation flow, and cash flow, as well;

•Download backlink list that works on all link audits, and;

•Identify links that are new, as well as those that have been considered lost!


Now, when it comes to auditing links, it is best to have Ahrefs with you as it is known to be pretty powerful when it comes to learning about the following:

•The number of referring domains that come from unique IPs;

•The number of referring domains that link to your site;

•The link’s growth, and how natural it is, and;

•The number of links that come from .edu or .gov sites.


And finally, when it comes to knowing audits from Panda, you can rely on DeepCrawl. DeepCrawl allows you to diagnose both on-page and technical issues, and helps you learn why certain keywords don’t work. Sometimes, it has something to do with pages that take too long to load, Meta pages, or even duplicate pages. You could also check whether or not certain sites are a bit similar to the one you’re optimizing so you could make necessary changes!

With the help of these tools, SEO Explode is able to give the best search engine optimization services around!